Who are we?

Hunor Oil Tools Ltd. is a manufacturing company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We manufacture products for the Oil and Gas industry and offer custom machining services.
Hunor Oil Tools Ltd. was incorporated under the laws of Alberta in 2008. It is owned and operated by two partners: Gabor Kuhn and Csaba Foldesi. Both partners are equally involved in the company’s operation and management.
We have 18 years of manufacturing experience for the oil and gas industry and 25 years international work experience in the machining industry. We work with a great group of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals to serve our customers.
Our modern equipment allow us to specialize and work with tight tolerances, a variety of materials and complex configuration
Hunor Oil Tools Ltd. is committed to providing the best products in a timely manner. Quality is our top priority therefore we are committed to continuous improvement and customer focus.


We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote HERE!